Art fosters creativity and imagination in children, and helps them to develop their senses through exploration and discovery. One of the goals of Art Education with The Art Bean is to allow children to be more creative, regardless of where their creativity will be used. 

We have designed a program that will enhance crucial skills that chidren need for starting Primary School. There is an artist in every child, come and join us and discover and appreciate your child's artistic potential through educational creativity. We encourage socialising and interacting with other children in a stimulating and creative enviroment.

Parents who attend our classes have found that, not only have their children’s creative skills grown, but also vital social skills e.g. listening, working in a group and following instructions have been developed. We think the art is important because it teaches kids so many skills. They learn writing skills, motor skills, colour recognition and other general skills. ​​

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The Art Bean Classes have been designed to be hosted in local cafes in and around Brisbane.Our art classes are well structured, and planned out. A lot of thought and planning goes in each lesson, starting from the educational aspect, each individual child’s needs, layout and the clearing up process for the transition to the next class.

Classes run weekday mornings, afterternoons and Saturdays. Class Duration is 45min per class ($18/class).
Classes are subject to availibility and cafe locations
For more information contact us
Mia Aldridge
0434 613 193

Nominate a cafe near you to host your next Art class

Brown Cardigan Cafe - Paddington
That Little Place - Mt Gravatt
Mt Gravatt
Everton Park
The Coffee Club Wilston